With the clock ticking until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot, we’ve put together 3 Royal Wedding worthy statement outfits.

Firstly, the royal wedding dress code for women is a “day dress with a hat”.

So what are the do’s and dont’s when it comes to dressing for a royal wedding? There are rules of etiquette that must be followed when dressing for the special day.

Ladies must cover their shoulders and dresses have to be down to the knee

Dressing accordingly shows respect to your hosts. Subtle patterns or bright, vibrant colors are ideal.

No showing off too much leg and keep the dress at a respectable knee-length. Shoulders should be covered for a church ceremony. Women should also wear tights. One of Queen Elizabeth’s rules is that a royal must never be without their nude stockings.

Accessorize with a hat

It’s protocol for all women to wear hats to royal weddings.

Whether you favour a fascinator, floral ensemble or louder headpiece make sure your hat and your outfit are going to the same event.

Jewellery that is too flashy is a big NO NO, but an exquisite hat is a definite YES.

According to the royal dress code, women in the royal family can only use nude-coloured shades of nail polish.

Don’t wear super high heels

Ladies should be wearing closed-toe shoes. Heel height should be considered for ease and comfort, low or mid-heel stilettos are a great option. Wedges should be saved for the after-party, Queen Elizabeth is said not to be a fan of the chunky footwear.

Remember to smile!

If a heel breaks, or a button pops, or your hat topples, simply remember that your best accessory at all times is a big warm smile!