Fashion designer Heidi Higgins, who has one daughter Matilda, aged 13 months, with her husband Gearóid Maher, on what becoming a mother has taught her- Irish Independent

I’m definitely an easygoing parent

I read all the books before I had the baby and was planning to do this, that and the other but when the time comes you have to mould your routine around them and what suits you — you can’t be listening to what everybody else is doing. It’s a very personal thing and it has to be something that ties in with your lifestyle and keeps your baby happy as well. I’m not carefree but I’m not uptight and worried about everything every five minutes of the day. I’m very lucky because I have good support. My mum and my mother-in-law are fantastic and I have a really good childminder so if I’m away on trips for work, I know Matilda in safe hands.

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