Heidi Higgins has cultivated a classic shape, enhanced structure, shaping a super feminine silhouette. Oceane is a classic Higgins: raised centre waist, elongating the lower half of the body; the top part of the dress simulates a bolero box jacket with an opening to the front. A blouse front element is visible, the look is a jacketed dress-suit while the reality is a dress, the full outfit all in one.

A half length jacket sleeve , featuring a banded cuff, affords a little glint to vintage elegance, while fabric choices and details make this dress a true ‘must have’ of this season.  

This style is available in many different variations and will fit therefore a number of events. ‘All laced up’ will be a definitive favourite with the ‘MoB/G’s) and ‘ Reflections under the sea’ would be a lovely going away out-fit.