Faux Fur and your Forever Coat

The temperature is plummeting and HH is here to help you stay beautifully balmy throughout the cold to come - It may be getting darker but we’re here to set your style squarely in the spotlight.

Debonair by Degrees

Come the cold snap most savvy stylists will find themselves up against one of two problems; either they’re unsure of how to restyle their ‘forever’ coat to suit the season, or they don’t have a ‘forever’ coat at all. We’re here to help you resolve both.

Cloaked in Confidence

The ‘Forever’ coat is the cornerstone of all successful winter wardrobes for good reason. It’ll take up more wardrobe space and far more of every onlooker’s attention than any other piece of apparel in your wardrobe so it’s more than worth the extra effort. Drape over your shoulders for an instant silver-screen elegance or wear with something slinky and sequinned for contrast.

Fur Sure!

If, however you’ve already ticked this particular box, you’re style savvy and you’ve made the wise investment of a woollen Winter wonder odds are you’re probably looking to style said garment with something new. If you’re looking for a stunning style solution to reinvent your ‘forever coat’ there’s nothing more obvious than faux fur. Part of the joy of owning a timeless coat is the ability to style and restyle it from season to season. We were ecstatic to finally introduce our own faux fur line that boasts all the terrific texture and bright hues indicative of the Heidi Higgins brand – the fact they look so good with our coats is a bonus!

Out-There Outerwear

If you're looking to enhance your ensemble don't be afraid to embrace bold hues. Classic cuts are instantly made contemporary when rendered in vibrant colours so take advantage of this handy juxtaposition!

As always, play with it, make it your own and share your looks with us on instagram with #myheidimoment

Heidi xx


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