Heading in a new direction!

So many things we were used to have changed recently. That is no different here in the HH HQ as we are now selling exclusively online. But change can be a good thing and Heidi has been busy working more and more on her Carpe Diem collection these past few months. 
                                                          'Carpe Diem'                                                                  (make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future)
With that in mind Heidi's latest collection is heading in new a direction for the brand as we move away from special occasion wear and focus more on smart casual. Fear not there are still plenty of special pieces to be found in the collection!

Modern, functional designs with an easy breezy femininity flair bringing an upbeat feel to classic pieces which have been reinvented in the newest styles to help bring much needed positivity and fun back into our wardrobes including simple additions to elevate old favourites. Blouses, tops, dresses and accessories along with statement collars and facemasks feature strongly in the new edit.

All made here in Ireland in limited numbers by the HH Team.

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