Heidi's Top Tips for Mothers of the Bride

Having dressed thousands of mothers of the bride/mothers of the groom over the years Heidi has come up with a little step by step guide to help get you started;


Shop With an Open Mind

First up I recommend shopping with an open mind and trying new shapes, styles and colours you wouldn't commonly consider. It’s often the case that the dress you wouldn’t normally go for is the perfect dress for the big day. We can unconsciously limit ourselves and accidentally cut ourselves off from the ideal dress so don't fall victim to this familiar faux pas!


Make a Day of it!

Hit the road early or get a taxi into town and break up the day with lunch and a mani-pedi to catch your breath and review what you’ve seen. Most boutiques don’t allow photos so it’s a good idea to have the bride/your style gurus present to consult with on the day. It’s an unparalleled chance to spend some serious style hours with each other and most of all – don’t worry if you find love in the first shop!


A Word About Colour

When it comes to the colour palette think ‘complement’ or ‘contrast.’ Whether you’re sticking to the hues and tonal values of the bridal party or contrasting entirely; as long as you don’t look like one of the bridesmaids - anything goes! It’s all too easy to tie yourself in knots worrying about rules around colour but remember you’re the one wearing the outfit and it needs to fit your personality.

P.S. if you’ve already worn pink to your first son’s wedding it doesn’t mean you can’t wear pink to your daughter’s! If it’s a colour that works for you then why change?


Consider Comfort

When it comes to the big day, comfort is queen. The key to enjoying the day is being able to dress the morning of the wedding and feel great in your mother of the bride/ mother of the groom outfit.

This also applies to hats and shoes. Instead of saving the hat for the day, wear it ahead of time just to get used to the shape and size on your head! Don’t forget to wear in the shoes so you can be sure to still be wearing them late into the night on the dance floor!

What Speaks to you vs. What's Expected

 A lot of mothers of the bride/groom can feel pressured to conform to what is considered ‘Mother of the Bride/Groom’ attire. Whether you’re into sparkles and sequins or want something understated and elegant, remember you’re the one who will be wearing the outfit, so don’t feel pressured to attend in an outfit that makes you feel like you’re wearing a costume. Once you’re in the perfect dress you’ll feel exactly like yourself (only 10 times as confident!)


Most importantly, have fun and savour the experience!

Heidi xx


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