Dressing for Summer Weddings Abroad

As the founder of her own fashion label, Heidi is no stranger to the strategic travel wardrobe. As such she's given us the inside scoop for on-the-road occasion wear!

Check the Forecast

Hopping on a plane does not guarantee fine weather on the other side. A lot of the time we take sunshine for granted and end up shivering! Check ahead and give yourself an idea whether it’s better to pack a sundress or a parka!

Consider Fabrics

For convenience we recommend seeking out fabrics that will resist creasing in transit like polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton, or silk. If this isn’t possible source a garment that can be easily steamed to bring it back to top condition. Most hotels will have a facility for steaming garments.


Pack Wisely

Roll your clothes, don't fold them. Hang onto the essentials but cut back on the excess things you only ‘might need.’ Put your heaviest items at the bottom of your bag/suitcase to prevent wrinkles in your more crease prone items. Hang up your garments as soon as you arrive at the hotel. Remember - you don't need to bring a different outfit for every night! Bring two or three special dresses you can accessorise differently each night. Separates are key so you can mix and match (such as the Tilda top or Jenna trousers!) Shoes can take up so much valuable luggage space so limit your pairs - one pair of heels, reliable flats for sightseeing, and maybe a pair of espadrilles for the beach.

Plan your Travel Outfit

Cramped, claustrophobic air cabins or car seats, long travel times, and changeable temperatures are all factors to take into consideration when planning your travel outfit. Not to mention - avoiding any hiccups at the security checkpoint! Layering is crucial to help you regulate your temperature, with the added bonus that you don't have to try squeeze an item into your suitcase if you're wearing it! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, preferably something you can easily slip on and slip off at security to make the process easier and faster.


Most importantly, have fun! Browse the full collection here

Heidi xx


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