Three ways to Style the 'Talulah' Dress

A different perspective can be a powerful thing. We all have that one dress that's a bit of a chameleon; you can pair it with trainers and a leather jacket for sightseeing, strappy sandals and a canteen bag for a concert, or heels and a pair of dramatic earrings for dinner and drinks! As such we thought we'd demonstrate 3 ways to wear our own 'Talulah' dress for a little style inspiration.

Race Ready

We'll start with the basics! Our first style is a classic one - heels and a hat! The plain white of the Talulah dress gives you the perfect opportunity to embrace colour with your accessories. The choice is yours!

The Boho Belle

Denim makes for an instant laid back look! The Talulah's layered skirt already speaks to the soul of a flower child so this particular style solution is an obvious one. A pinch of pink is enough for contrast without being overwhelming. Add summer sun and you're good to go!

Rock 'Chic'

For a more alternative ensemble there's no better candidate than a leather jacket. Contrast matte woven fabrics with leather's uniform sheen to cut an edgy look as sharp as your heels. The black and white bounce off one another beautifully while the Talulah's soft organic layers create a stunning contrast juxtaposed with the sharp, geometric shapes of the crown. Remember if black's your poison to focus on texture to differentiate your pieces!

As always - have fun and make it your own! Find the Talulah dress here.

Heidi xx


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