New Arrivals for Mothers of the Bride

As we start the rapid dash to Spring we’re already serving Mothers of the Bride for the upcoming wedding season. The question on everyone’s lips is of course ‘what dresses do you have for mother of the bride?’ so we’re here to help your search for the ultimate in occasion wear elegance!

Heidi Higgins wearing the structured pink rena dress with sash sleeves and collar

Our first candidate is the already iconic ‘Rena’ dress. Structured, elegant, and perfectly poised, the Rena is available in pink, blue and yellow! Rena boasts the classic Heidi Higgins silhouette, impeccably tailored with a feature collar and sash. The trademark sash falls effortlessly, creating interest while the clever skirt features side slits for comfort.

Our second wedding wonder is the infinitely elegant ‘Cora’ dress. This veritable tailoring triumph is available in the breath-taking peach tweed pictured above as well as in two other variants; classic pink, and deep pink! Cora features an asymmetrical collar, tapered sleeves and an A-line lily-flared skirt. Perfect for the partygoer to look simultaneously sophisticated and suitably ‘special-occasion.’


When it comes to dressing for the big day don’t forget to read Heidi’s top tips for mother of the bride!

Heidi xx


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